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U.S.A. SIC(2009)
This is a website about U.S.A. SIC(Standard Industrial Classification) Business Directory, including more than 20,000,000+ companies, providing Company Name, ZIP Code, Address, Contact, Telephone, Fax, SIC Code and Brief Description etc.
You can click the website name to browse the data or click the sale link to buy the data directly.
Web Site Industry Price Quantity Sale Link Agricultural Production Crops $63 229,255 Buy Now Agriculture Livestock Production & Animal Specialties $63 118,038 Buy Now Agricultural Services $63 373,352 Buy Now Forestry $63 13,399 Buy Now Fishing, hunting, and trapping $63 5,363 Buy Now Metal mining $16 906 Buy Now Coal mining $63 2,293 Buy Now Oil and gas extraction $63 40,176 Buy Now Nonmetallic minerals, except fuels $63 10,292 Buy Now Building construction--general contractors and operative builders $63 585,409 Buy Now Heavy construction other than buildings construction--contractors $63 90,057 Buy Now Construction--Special trade contractors $63 1,049,202 Buy Now Food and kindred products $63 48,572 Buy Now Tobacco products $16 893 Buy Now Textile mill products $63 14,048 Buy Now Apparel and other textile products $63 35,372 Buy Now Lumber and wood products $63 60,434 Buy Now Furniture and fixtures $63 21,012 Buy Now Paper and allied products $63 16,673 Buy Now Printing and publishing $63 178,452 Buy Now Chemicals and allied products $63 34,367 Buy Now Petroleum and coal products $63 6,521 Buy Now Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products $63 27,210 Buy Now Leather and leather products $63 4,431 Buy Now Stone, clay, and glass products $63 34,958 Buy Now Primary metal industries $63 15,906 Buy Now Fabricated metal products $63 77,574 Buy Now Industrial machinery and equipment $63 124,129 Buy Now Electronic and other electric equipment $63 42,811 Buy Now Transportation equipment $63 25,903 Buy Now Instruments and related products $63 32,907 Buy Now Miscellaneous manufacturing industries $63 95,542 Buy Now Railroad Transportation $63 6,047 Buy Now Local and interurban passenger transportation $63 73,214 Buy Now Motor freight transportation and warehousing $63 293,271 Buy Now Post Service $63 45,990 Buy Now Water transportation $63 25,298 Buy Now Transportation by air $63 24,762 Buy Now Pipelines, except natural gas $63 4,544 Buy Now Transportation services $63 127,599 Buy Now Communications $63 151,555 Buy Now Electric, gas, and sanitary services $63 75,575 Buy Now Wholesale trade - durable goods $63 386,568 Buy Now Wholesale trade - nondurable goods $63 334,117 Buy Now Building materials, hardware, garden supply, and mobile home dealers $63 230,143 Buy Now General merchandise stores $63 105,770 Buy Now Food stores $63 423,105 Buy Now Automotive dealers and gasoline service stations $63 441,489 Buy Now Apparel and accessory stores $63 264,111 Buy Now Home furniture, furnishings, and equipment stores $63 391,305 Buy Now Eating and drinking places $63 884,360 Buy Now Miscellaneous retail $63 163,084 Buy Now Depository institutions $63 200,908 Buy Now Nondepository credit institutions $63 181,156 Buy Now Security and commodity brokers, dealers, exchanges, and services $63 145,641 Buy Now Insurance carriers $63 42,312 Buy Now Insurance agents, brokers, and services $63 351,469 Buy Now Real estate agents and managers $63 792,290 Buy Now Holding and other investment offices, except trusts $63 69,582 Buy Now Hotels, rooming houses, camps, and other lodging places $63 158,942 Buy Now Personal services $63 909,815 Buy Now Business Services $63 2,114,093 Buy Now Amusement and recreation services $63 358,209 Buy Now Health services $63 1,099,528 Buy Now Legal services $63 403,954 Buy Now Educational services $63 352,690 Buy Now Social services $63 519,107 Buy Now Museums, art galleries, and botanical and zoological gardens $63 22,293 Buy Now Membership organizations $63 853,282 Buy Now Engineering, accounting, research, management, and related services $63 790,215 Buy Now Miscellaneous Services, Not Classified Elsewhere $63 83,288 Buy Now Executive, Legislative, and General Government except Finance $63 228,319 Buy Now Justice, Public Order and Safety $63 141,328 Buy Now Public Finance, Taxation, Monetary Policy $63 20,284 Buy Now Administration of Human Resource Programs $63 45,315 Buy Now Administration of Environmental Quality and Housing Programs $63 43,116 Buy Now Administration of Economic Programs $63 43,895 Buy Now National Security and International Affairs $63 25,409 Buy Now Non-Classifiable Establishments $63 534,664 Buy Now
51 State of U.S.A (9,000,000 companies)
This is a website about United States Business Directory, including more than 9,000,000 companies, providing Company Name, Email, Address, ZIP Code, Website, Telephone, Fax, SIC Code and SIC Description etc.
You can click the website name to browse the data or click the sale link to buy the data directly.
Web SiteQuantityPriceSale Link
AK: Alaska39,000$50Buy Now
AL: Alabama92,000$50Buy Now
AR: Arkansas66,000$50Buy Now
AZ: Arizona155,000$50Buy Now
CA: California1,202,000$50Buy Now
CO: Colorado156,000$50Buy Now
CT: Connecticut88,000$50Buy Now
DC: District Of Columbia$50$50Buy Now
DE: Delaware17,000$50Buy Now
FL: Florida609,000$50Buy Now
GA: Georgia302,000$50Buy Now
HI: Hawaii52,000$50Buy Now
IA: Iowa114,000$50Buy Now
ID: Idaho55,000$50Buy Now
IL: Illinois420,000$50Buy Now
IN: Indiana196,000$50Buy Now
KS: Kansas117,000$50Buy Now
KY: Kentucky109,000$50Buy Now
LA: Louisiana94,000$50Buy Now
MA: Massachusetts257,000$50Buy Now
MD: Maryland207,000$50Buy Now
ME: Maine58,000$50Buy Now
MI: Michigan252,000$50Buy Now
MN: Minnesota213,000$50Buy Now
MO: Missouri197,000$50Buy Now
MS: Mississippi54,000$50Buy Now
MT: Montana24,000$50Buy Now
NC: North Carolina197,000$50Buy Now
ND: North Dakota18,000$50Buy Now
NE: Nebraska65,000$50Buy Now
NH: New Hampshire42,000$50Buy Now
NJ: New Jersey190,000$50Buy Now
NM: New Mexico56,000$50Buy Now
NV: Nevada91,000$50Buy Now
NY: New York496,000$50Buy Now
OH: Ohio324,000$50Buy Now
OK: Oklahoma90,000$50Buy Now
OR: Oregon151,000$50Buy Now
PA: Pennsylvania287,000$50Buy Now
RI: Rhode Island26,000$50Buy Now
SC: South Carolina105,000$50Buy Now
SD: South Dakota25,000$50Buy Now
TN: Tennessee173,000$50Buy Now
TX: Texas600,000$50Buy Now
UT: Utah83,000$50Buy Now
VA: Virginia135,000$50Buy Now
VT: Vermont27,000$50Buy Now
WA: Washington191,000$50Buy Now
WI: Wisconsin160,000$50Buy Now
WV: West Virginia14,000$50Buy Now
WY: Wyoming14,000$50Buy Now

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